Local Authors

Local spotlight: Rick Parker

[words] is pleased to once again welcome renowned cartoonist and Maplewood resident Rick Parker to the store on June 1 at 7:30, to discuss his work from the comic parody The Hunger Pains. Parker is best known as the artist of MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head Comic Book. He is currently drawing the Introductory pages featuring the Old Witch, The Vault Keeper and the Crypt Keeper for Jim Salicrup’s new release of Tales From The Crypt published by PaperCutz. He also writes and draws a morbidly humorous web comic called “Deadboy”, which follows the adventures of a troubled but misunderstood youth as he fights his way across a surrealistic, nightmarish landscape inhabited by violence-prone zombies and all manner of other creatures too numerous to mention. Stop in and meet Rick Parker on June 1!

Local Spotlight: Marc Aronson

[words] is delighted to have prolific local author Marc Aronson back to discuss his latest book, Master of Deceit, on May 19 at 7:30 pm. Marc is an author, editor, publisher, speaker, and historian who believes that young people, especially pre-teens and teenagers, are smart, passionate, and capable of engaging with interesting ideas in interesting ways. He has a doctorate in American History – his focus was on William Crary Brownell, Edith Wharton’s editor, and he published conclusions as a lengthy essay in the New York Times Book Review. He periodically reviews books for the Los Angeles Times Books Review, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and publishes essays in journals devoted to reading and literature. He lives in Maplewood with his wife, the author Marina Budhos and their two sons.

Learn more about Marc at his site!

Tricia Tunstall

[words] is thrilled to have local author Tricia Tunstall featured at our store. A resident of Maplewood, Tunstall is a writer and music educator who has spent the past several years researching El Sistema, a music education model, in Venezuela. This interest has been captured in her recent book, Changing Lives Tunstall has also shared her previous book with us, Note By Note, a memoir that explores the joys and rewards she has experienced as a piano teacher as well as her own process of learning to play the piano.

Irene Kelly

[words] is so pleased to feature Maplewood resident Irene Kelly. Irene is both an author-illustrator and has published five award-winning books including Ebie & FloIt’s a Butterfly’s Life and Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest. Her entertaining books allow children to comprehend the complexity of the natural world. She grew up chasing fireflies and playing outside and turned her passion into her profession by studying nature and art in college. She also offers writing and illustrating workshops for children.  Both of her young children love books and animals as much as she does, and together they read and keep lots of pets. “My life as an author and illustrator of children’s books is not that different from my childhood – I still read and write a lot, and spend tons of time outside” says Kelly.

Hallie Durand

[words] is delighted to have local author Hallie Durand featured at our store. Her popular chapter book series is about a self-centered (but still charming!) eight year old who loves food. There are three books about her in all, Dessert First, Just Desserts and No Room for Dessert. Hallie grew up in a large family with lots of food around. She still shows her friends and family that she loves them by offering them food and sending them home with plenty of leftovers. Hallie’s first picture book, Mitchell’s License, is about a three-year-old who takes off on a bedtime road trip to remember! Hallie lives with her husband and three children in town.