Gabe and Goon

with author Iza Trapani

Saturday, September 24 — 11:00 am

Gabe longs to encounter a real, live monster. And tonight’s his lucky night because hiding in Gabe’s closet is real-live monster and easily spooked, Goon, wishes to keep away from the outside world— especially those scary little beings called children. When the two meet, Goon can’t scare Gabe no matter how hard he tries. But an unsuccessful monster makes for a great friend when the boy is actually scared.

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The Bowery Boys: Adventures in Old New York

with authors Greg Young & Tom Meyers

Saturday, September 24 — 7:30 pm

The Bowery Boys podcast is a phenomenon, thrilling audiences each month with one amazing story after the next. Now, in their first-ever book, the duo gives you an exclusive personal tour through New York’s old cobblestone streets and gas-lit back alleyways.

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Bob Davies: A Basketball Legend

with Barry S. Martin

Sunday, September 25 — 4:00 pm

Bob Davies played a significant role in the development of modern basketball. Davies was one of the first three NBA superstars. Davies is credited with introducing the behind-the-back-dribble, developing the penetration and transition styles of play, and creating several innovative passes. Davies was a rarity in American sports history—a genuine sports hero and role model.

A.D.H.D. Nation

with author Alan Schwarz

Tuesday, September 27 — 7:30 pm

More than 1 in 7 American children are getting diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—three times what experts have said is appropriate—making it one of the most mishandled and debated conditions in medicine. The numbers are rising every year. Now doctors and Big Pharma are targeting adults and the rest of the world to get diagnosed with ADHD and take medications that will “transform their lives.”

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The Bitch is Back

with NYT bestselling editor Cathi Hanauer

Thursday, September 29 — 7:30 pm

More than a decade after the New York Times bestselling anthology The Bitch in the House spoke up loud and clear for a generation of young women, nine of the original contributors are back—along with sixteen captivating new voices—sharing their ruminations from an older, stronger, and wiser perspective about love, sex, work, family, independence, body-image, health, and aging: the critical flash points of women’s lives today.

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The Imperial Wife

with author Irina Reyn

Saturday, October 1 — 7:30 pm

Tanya Kagan, a rising specialist in Russian art at a top New York auction house, is trying to entice Russia’s wealthy oligarchs to bid on the biggest sale of her career, The Order of Saint Catherine, while making sense of the sudden and unexplained departure of her husband. Suspenseful and beautifully written, The Imperial Wife asks whether we view female ambition any differently today than we did in the past. Can a contemporary marriage withstand an “Imperial Wife”?

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How to Bake Everything

with acclaimed food writer Mark Bittman

Thursday, October 6 — 7:30 pm

In the most comprehensive book of its kind, Mark Bittman offers the ultimate baker’s resource. Finally, here is the simplest way to bake everything, from American favorites (Crunchy Toffee Cookies, Baked Alaska) to of-the-moment updates (Gingerbread Whoopie Pies). It explores global baking, too: Nordic ruis, New Orleans beignets, Afghan snowshoe naan. The recipes satisfy every flavor craving thanks to more than 2,000 recipes and variations.

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The Christos Mosaic

with author Vincent Czyz

Saturday, October 8 — 5:00 pm

Ancient scrolls hold the key to the origins of Christianity—but some will stop at nothing to hide the truth.
An action-packed intellectual thriller unraveling the mystery of a theological cold case more than two thousand years old, The Christos Mosaic is a monumental work of biblical research wrapped in a story of love, faith, human frailty, friendship, and forgiveness.

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Big Blue Wrecking Crew

with author Jerry Barca

Thursday, October 13 — 7:30 pm

Based on years of research and hundreds of interviews, Barca chronicles the Giants rise out of rock bottom to their status as a premiere NFL franchise. From behind-the-scenes personnel discussions of general manager George Young to the meeting rooms with Parcells and defensive coordinator Bill Belichick, Big Blue Wrecking Crew is filled with the riveting exploits of unforgettable players.

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