Salt in My Soul

with Diane Shader Smith

Tuesday, April 30 — 7:30 pm

The diaries of a remarkable young woman who was determined to live a meaningful and happy life despite her struggle with cystic fibrosis and a rare superbug—from age fifteen to her death at the age of twenty-five. Salt in My Soul is a beautifully crafted, intimate, and poignant tribute to a short life well lived—and a call for all of us to embrace our own lives as fully as possible.

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The Current

with bestselling author Tim Johnston

Friday, May 3 — 7:30 pm

In the dead of winter, outside a small Minnesota town, state troopers pull two young women and their car from the icy Black Root River. One is found downriver, drowned, while the other is found at the scene—half frozen but alive. What happened was no accident, and news of the crime awakens the community’s memories of another young woman who lost her life in the same river ten years earlier, and whose killer may still live among them.

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We Got This.

with author Cornelius Minor

Thursday, May 9 — 4:30 pm

While challenging the teacher as hero trope, We Got This shows how authentically listening to kids is the closest thing to a superpower that we have. What we hear can spark action that allows us to make powerful moves toward equity by broadening access to learning for all children. A lone teacher can’t eliminate inequity, but Cornelius demonstrates that a lone teacher can confront the scholastic manifestations of racism, sexism, ableism and classism.

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The Paris Diversion

with bestselling author
Chris Pavone

Thursday, May 9 – 7:30 pm

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Expats. Kate Moore is back in a pulse-pounding thriller to discover that a massive terror attack across Paris is not what it seems – and that it involves her family.

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The Very Impatient Caterpillar

with author Ross Burach

Saturday, May 18 — 10:30 am

This clever send-up of every child’s biggest challenge—being patient!—is a STEM-friendly, laugh-out-loud comedy about metamorphosis.

Ross Burach’s hilarious, tongue-in-cheek exploration of metamorphosis will make you flutter with glee, while also providing real facts about how caterpillars transform into butterflies.

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Dreyer’s English

with bestselling author Benjamin Dreyer

Monday, May 20 — 7:30 pm

As Random House’s copy chief, Dreyer has upheld the standards of the legendary publisher for more than two decades. He is beloved by authors and editors alike—not to mention his followers on social media—for deconstructing the English language with playful erudition. Now he distills everything he has learned from the myriad books he has copyedited and overseen into a useful guide not just for writers but for everyone who wants to put their best prose foot forward.

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Famous Father Girl

with author Jamie Bernstein

Wednesday, May 22 — 7:30 pm

The oldest daughter of revered composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein offers a rare look at her father on the centennial of his birth in a deeply intimate and broadly evocative memoir.
An intoxicating tale, Famous Father Girl is an intimate meditation on a complex and sometimes troubled man, the family he raised, and the music he composed that became the soundtrack to their entwined lives.

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Black is the Body

with author Emily Bernard

Thursday, May 23 — 7:30 pm

“I am black—and brown, too,” writes Emily Bernard. “Brown is the body I was born into. Black is the body of the stories I tell.”She writes in Black Is the Body how each of the essays goes beyond a narrative of black innocence and white guilt, how each is anchored in a mystery, and how each sets out to discover a new way of telling the truth as the author has lived it. “Blackness is an art, not a science. It is a paradox: intangible and visceral; a situation and a story.”

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Energy Healing

with author Kris Ferraro

Friday, May 31 — 7:30 pm

Living in a time of great uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to learn effective strategies for alleviating stress. Join International Energy Coach Kris Ferraro as she shares simple but powerful energy healing practices from her new book. Leave feeling lighter, more balanced, and peaceful. Q & A and book signing to follow.

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