All The Ways The World Can End

with author Abby Sher

Tuesday, July 11 — 7:30 pm

All The Ways The World Can End is at times heart wrenching while at others hilarious. Lenny (short for Eleanor) feels like the world is about to end. Her best friend is moving to San Francisco and her dad is dying. To cope with her stress Lenny is making a list of all the ways the world can end—designer pathogens, blood moon prophecies, alien invasion—and stockpiling supplies in a bunker in the backyard.

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Like a Fly on the Wall

with author Simone Kelly

Tuesday, July 18 — 7:30 pm

Since Jacques Berradi was young, he has had the ability to read peoples’ energies, communicate with spirit guides, and even catch glimpses of people’s futures. Kylie Collins is an adventurous Miami twentysomething who is trying to find her footing after being laid off from a cushy music industry job. When a mishap brings them together, Kylie is instantly mesmerized by Jacques’s cool demeanor and intuitive abilities, and he’s captivated by her outgoing charm and breezy good looks.

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Marigold Bakes a Cake

with author/illustrator Mike Malbrough

Saturday, July 22 — 11:00 am

Baking the perfect cake is how Marigold spends Mondays. Being messy, noisy, and disruptive in Marigold’s kitchen are how one finch, two pigeons, and three loons spend their Mondays! With a recipe comprised of equal parts humor and charm, author-illustrator Mike Malbrough has cooked up a scrumptious laugh-out-loud addition to the great tradition of interruption books.

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Ultimate Glory

with author David Gessner

Friday, July 28 — 7:30 pm

Before he made a name for himself as an acclaimed essayist and nature writer, David Gessner devoted his twenties to a cultish sport called Ultimate Frisbee. Like his teammates and rivals, he trained for countless hours, sacrificing his body and potential career for a chance at fleeting glory without fortune or fame. His only goal: to win Nationals and go down in Ultimate history as one of the greatest athletes no one has ever heard of.

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The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

with editor Seán Hemingway

Monday, July 31 — 7:30 pm

The fourth in the series of new annotated editions of Ernest Hemingway’s work, edited by the author’s grandson Seán and introduced by his son Patrick, this collection includes the best of the well-known classics as well as unpublished stories, early drafts, and notes that provide fascinating insight into the writing process of one of America’s greatest storytellers.

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