Mother Matters

with author Dayna M. Kurtz, LMSW, CPT

Wednesday, April 25 — 7:30 pm

Millions of mothers are born each year. From the moment a baby is born, the world seems to focus on childcare, but what about mothercare? Enter Dayna Kurtz, the brains behind Huffington Post’s Mother Matters blog. From postpartum depression and “baby blues” to healing meals and postnatal exercise, Kurtz guides new and veteran mothers alike through the best practices to care for themselves during their first year of motherhood.

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Just When You’re Comfortable In Your Own Skin, It Starts to Sag

with bestselling authors Amy Nobile and Trisha Ashworth

Thursday, April 26 — 7:30 pm

With the voice of a close friend, this clever and witty guide takes women through the new and sometimes challenging midlife phase. With helpful quizzes, friendly advice, and inspiring quotes from women who have been there, this smart and engaging book gives readers the tools to turn a midlife crisis into a midlife opportunity.

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The Zach & Zoe Mysteries

with #1 New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica

Tuesday, May 1 — 5:30 pm

Perfect for fans of Cam Jansen, #1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica begins an exciting new chapter-book series, featuring his trademark sports action and heart, and a lovable twin brother-sister duo who solve sports-related mysteries.

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Sheep 101

with author Richard T. Morris

Saturday, May 5 — 11:00 am

A slapstick, rollicking mash-up of nursery rhyme characters and the time-honored bedtime ritual of counting sheep.

One night, a boy counts sheep as he tries to fall asleep.99. 100. 101….Crash.
Sheep 101 is stuck in the fence. Will he ever get out and get the little boy to sleep?

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Beauty in the Broken Places

with bestselling author Allison Pataki

Saturday, May 5 — 5:00 pm

Five months pregnant, on a flight to their “babymoon,” Allison Pataki turned to her husband when he asked if his eye looked strange and watched him suddenly lose consciousness. Next thing Allison knew, she was sitting alone in the ER in Fargo, North Dakota, waiting to hear if her husband would survive the night.

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The Kevin Show

with bestselling author Mary Pilon

Tuesday, May 8 — 7:30 pm

Olympic sailor Kevin Hall has an Ivy League degree, a winning smile, and throughout his adult life, he has been engaged in an ongoing battle with a person that doesn’t exist to anyone but him: The Director. Kevin suffers from what doctors are beginning to call Truman Show delusion, a form of bipolar disorder named for the 1998 movie The Truman Show, in which the main character realizes he is the star of a reality TV show.

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with bestselling authors Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Wednesday, May 9 — 4:00 pm

This book is about Square. Square spends every day taking blocks from a pile below the ground to a pile above the ground. This book is also about Square’s friend Circle. Circle thinks Square is an artistic genius. But is he really? With the second story in a trilogy of tales about Triangle, Square, and Circle, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen nudge readers toward a more well-rounded way of looking at things.

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The Reading Strategies Book

with author Jennifer Serravallo

Thursday, May 10 — 4:00 pm

Whether you use readers workshop, Daily 5/CAFE, guided reading, balanced reading, a core reading program, whole-class novels, or any other approach, The Reading Strategies Book will complement and extend your teaching. Rely on it to plan and implement goal-directed, differentiated instruction for individuals, small groups, and whole classes.

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How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens

with author Paul Noth

Saturday, May 12 — 11:00 am

10-year-old Happy Conklin Jr. only means to swap out Grandma, but when he—oops!—sells his whole family to the aliens, he wants nothing more than to get them back. He just has to figure out . . . how?

This is an out-of-this-world funny first book in a madcap, illustrated adventure series from New Yorker cartoonist Paul Noth.

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How to Grill Everything

with author Mark Bittman

Tuesday, May 15 — 7:30 pm

Here’s how to grill absolutely everything—from the perfect steak to cedar-plank salmon to pizza—explained in Mark Bittman’s trademark simple, straightforward style. Featuring 1,000 recipes and variations, plus Bittman’s practical advice on all the grilling basics, this book is an exploration of the grill’s nearly endless possibilities.

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Pete the Kitty and the Groovy Playdate

with bestselling co-author James Dean

Wednesday, May 16 — 4:00 pm

This groovy series from New York Times bestselling team James and Kimberly Dean introduces Pete the Cat before he was Pete the Cat…when he was little Pete the Kitty.

In this easy-to-read and engaging picture book, little readers will learn all about sharing with their favorite blue kitten.

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Jamie is Jamie

with author Afsaneh Moradian

Saturday, May 19 — 11:00 am

There are so many fun things to play with at Jamie’s new preschool— baby dolls to care for, toy cars to drive—and Jamie wants to play with them all! But the other children are confused . . . is Jamie a boy or a girl? Some toys are just for girls and others are just for boys, aren’t they? Not according to Jamie!

Human + Machine

with co-author Paul R. Daugherty

Saturday, May 19 — 5:00 pm

Look around you. Artificial intelligence is no longer just a futuristic notion. It’s here right now—in software that senses what we need, supply chains that “think” in real time, and robots that respond to changes in their environment. Twenty-first-century pioneer companies are already using AI to innovate and grow fast.

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One-Track Mind

with artist Philip Ashforth Coppola
in conversation with editors Ezra Bookstein and Jeremy Workman

Thursday, May 24 — 7:30 pm

For decades, Philip Ashforth Coppola has meticulously documented the New York City subway in a series of extraordinary drawings, detailing the terracotta mosaics, faience, and tile patterns that millions of riders pass by every day. Coppola’s drawings are what Hyperallergic calls “the most encyclopedic history of the art and architecture of the New York City subway system.”

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Starting with Goodbye

with author Lisa Romeo

Wednesday, May 30 — 7:30 pm

Starting with Goodbye begins with loss and ends with love, as a midlife daughter rediscovers her enigmatic father after his death. By forging a new father-daughter “relationship,” grief is transformed to hopeful life-affirming redemption. In poignant, often lyrical prose, this powerful, honest book proves that when we dare to love the parent who challenged us most, it’s never too late.

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